Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review

Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi Smart Lock Review

In 2020 our review of the Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro + Wi-Fi Connector ($219.99) appreciated that it offers several ways of locking and unlocking your door including a keypad, a fingerprint scanner, Alexa and the Google Voice Command. UltraLok U-Bolt pro WiFi ($249) gives you the same flexibility. This feature also helps open your doors when tapped on your smartphone using the Magically Shake feature. The lifetime mechanical warranty is, currently used only once. It includes a smart auto lock feature that lets you use your smart lock without typing in a code each time! This can save some valuable minutes when seconds count; especially if there's someone else waiting on standby with their finger poised over this button so it will open right away for them instead of having to go through all sorts trouble first (like pulling out old keys). You also get ultra-protective insulation inside these high quality locks

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Integrations and App Experience

It also supports Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands, and also does nothing with Apple HomeKit. You could also use it as an external app or service through IFTTT. It uses U-tec's predecessor app available on both iPhone & iPod. Using a smartphone, a screen is opened for each Utec Lock panel. Tap on one or more buttons for accessing the window, and the lock and unlock button showing the door's position (close or open). You can also use the large button to unlock the door or the dynamic key. Four buttons are positioned below it.

Lots of options

The UltraLoq Wireless Cable is a complete locking device that replaces all of your exterior and interior key systems. The escutcheon is the same size as the previous version and the black zinc alloy interior measures 2.9 inches (HWD). The device comes in two colors and has a circular backlit number pad and a curved capacitance fingerprint scanning unit in the centre. It has the ultra-low key to open the lock and illuminate the keys. An LED light on the scanner glows green when the door status is locked.

Similar Products

The interior escutcheons and the exterior escutcheons are also included along with assorted mounting screws and hardware. The UBolt Pro Wireless offers similar Magic Shake capabilities to earlier models. When you activate the door unlock, simply shake the device against the door lock.

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Simple installation, smooth operation

Similar to its predecessor, u-bolt pro, it has a easy install. I removed my old lock and installed new locking and securing screws. I attached the outside escutcheon with the mounting plate and screw, inserted the data cable into the mount plate and attached it into the internal escutcheon. In addition, a four-a-piece battery has also been mounted to the escutcheon's wall. The lock performs an automatic handing procedure when the lock is pressed to determine which deadbolt faces left.

About Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro Wi-Fi

Installation and maintenance of UBolt Pro WiFI is simple. Typically replacing deadbolts on doors is simple to install. The whole thing was completed within 20 minutes. The process can be longer when locking doors or frames are replaced. The instruction is clearly written along with useful illustrations for you to follow along. It also has a video which starts with this video. QR codes can be easily scanned by your mobile and accessed using the URL provided.

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It may burn through batteries

The U-Bolt Pro uses four AAA batteries and U-Tec claims that this battery will last 3-6 months with regular usage. This is quite an extended variable if we get in a lower range in this estimate. U-tech is developing an alternative to storing batteries in the lock with rechargeable batteries that are now found in a video doorbell. The battery that died before you were able to change them has emergency features like a MicroUSB port: Simply plug the battery into an outlet and you will be hooked into it. It's possible you're using a charging station.

There are multiple ways to use the lock

Credits: Review / Rick Broida One of the great features of the ultralq is that the device uses the finger sensor and the keypad with a standard locking mechanism. The Wi-Fi device includes almost a hundred locks and unlock mechanisms from physical devices to electronic devices. Start off with phone option: You can also activate a GPS-enabled geofence to unlock your phone when you leave the area and bluetooth to unlock it when approaching. It's not impressive at least because the vibration of the device is activated when it's moved.

You can control the lock with Alexa and Google Assistant

You may also be able to set a smart phone alarm using Amazon Echo if you use Echo. Since the auto locks integrate with Amazon Echo and Google Home networks, it's also easy to use Google Assistant or the Amazon Echo Assistant for Wi-Fi. It supports Alexa Routine enabling. Depending on the doorbell and security cameras installed in your home, the Alexa system will activate when motion is detected, and unlock the wireless router on your device's wireless network. It is also supported by SmartThing and SmartFTTT smarthome platforms.

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The button layout takes some getting used to

Credits: Review Rickbroida. These sleek and narrow keypads make coding easy. Unlike many intelligent locks with a numeric keypad, the Ultraloq arrange their 10 button numbers inside a circle around the fingerprint scanner. Although the design is compact, the code entry is slow. If you have used rotary telephones, then you will be familiar with this complaint. Although that's not an issue I have given the lock a usability deterrent.

It has Wi-Fi onboard

Credit: Reviewed/Robin Broida. The compatible app for iPhones and Androids allows users to quickly and easily install and use the app. The UBolt was previously Bluetooth-only. Here there is a built-in feature where you can immediately access your lock remotely or send alerts via email. The influx of new tenants in Airbnb will likely be an advantage. This gives parents an idea when they get to school.

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There's no support for Apple HomeKit or Amazon Keyboard

Credit: Reviewed by Rachel Murphy. The email security solution is no longer compatible with HomeKey. The wireless router is not compatible with Amazon keys, but Apple Homekit is. Amazon delivery drivers can also leave packages outside their door, as many of us find attractive today. This also means that Siri cannot unlock a door or lock, something surprising considering the Apple Watch app.


It has a dual data encryption feature with 128-bit encryption. It means nobody other than you can access or use the locking system. However, Ultraloq lock body lacks 2-factor authentication, a feature which keeps your smartphone safe by alerting you of unapproved attempts at hacking your account. This user-safe feature is available in an app companion to many smart locking systems.

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Yes this smart lock fits most front doors

Ultraloq U-Bolt PRO - Wi-Fi smart locks offer minimal limitations for those looking to spend a little bit more on security. The Ultraloq u-bolt Pro WiFi is the most versatile security lock available. Front door locks provide easy access through multiple ways like with a fingerprint scanner. The compact appearance of a compact lock is also a nice feature, particularly for those of us who are scared of the chunky appearance of other locks.


Ultraloq'sU Bridge WiFi Adaptor is perfect for those who have many smart home devices and need an adaptor that can handle all their power needs. This device features a magic shake feature, which temporarily overclocks your network connection when needed without compromising security or drainage life by enabling more connections than what’s available in any one Mans house (up to 8). Additionally the U-Bridge also comes with bluetooth range so you don't miss out on delivering strong wifi signals throughout different rooms of the home! Also many features of this Bluetooth keypad are essentially. First, it has an anti-peep keypad so you don't have any problems with your conversations being seen by others around you or nearby buildings where there'snoise obstructionism (elevated position). Second but not least among its benefits are high levels privacy protection and device authentication making sure only those who should be accessing particular content get access; thirdly it comes equipped as both temporary visitor identification tool allowing one person temporarily easy entry into another.Now the fingerprint scanner has 3 different modes of operation: diy installation, auto expires and battery life is about 2 hours on average per charge with standard AAA batteries or you can use Z wave hubs for enhanced range if necessary but they are not included in this package so check ahead before buying! This device comes in both ¼ inch face hole diameter as well which provides more flexibility when using it on various projects like dog walking services where there could be varying needs from clients who might want access at specific times throughout their day rather than just 24 hours around whatever schedule someone creates within it.


How install U-Bolt smart lock?

First, remove the batteries. Covers. Then plug the cable connector into the socket on this plug. The other end of the black cable goes into the slot on your chosen device. The USB goes into the power port.

If you are installing this for the first time, we recommend that you use a fresh set of batteries. If you have used the U-Bolt before, you may need to perform a reset by removing and then reinsert

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Is a smart deadbolt worth it?

Keep it safe at home Yes, the smart locks connect to the internet. Everyone who has a smart lock must ensure that their app is updated and passwords are secure. Smart locks also eliminates any chance someone might swipe the key from beneath the door. The best smart locks for Airbnb are those that come with a code that can be changed for each guest. This prevents guests from having to remember a new key and also keeps your home safe. The Ultraloq u-bolt Pro is one of the best WiFi smart locks because it offers this

Why is my Ultraloq beeping?

When battery levels fall, the lock and app automatically detects low battery. Tricolor lights are flashing red 3 times in combination with three beeping when the lock is activated. Please remove all battery. Covers and open the case. You should see a red light on the PCB board if batteries are properly installed and the lock is powered on

How do I delete a user from my Ultraloq?

UBolt will show you all the users that have been given permission to access your lock. To delete a user, find their name in the list and tap the trash can icon next to it. The user will no longer have access to your lock. Reverse if you're adding users.

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Is the Ultraloq U-bolt pro secure?

Yes, the U-bolt pro is one of the most secure locks available. It features 128-bit encryption and a dual data feature which makes it difficult for anyone other than you to access or use the lock. Additionally, the Ultraloq u-bolt Pro also has 2-factor authentication which keeps your smartphone safe by alerting you.

New lock

New locks from the experts at Lockheed Locksmith offer a wide range of high-quality, top model commercial grade security products for both residential and light commercial use.

The largest selection is available in withstanding heat or 1 hour access time; these include various models such as specific dates (2020), service people who need quick entry into your property without worrying about cutting their finger on broken glass inside the door jamb while trying to get past an old fashioned dial plate lock set given its proximity today’s newer electronic key systems which require more sophisticated programming techniques than ever before if you want it done right - take this up even further by going over distance between buildings via wifi signal instead so nobody gets too far away

Is Ultraloq a good lock?

Yes, Ultraloq is a good lock. It features a sleek and compact design, is easy to install and use, and has a variety of features that make it a good choice for those looking for a smart lock. Additionally, the new Ultraloq u-bolt Pro is one of the most secure locks available, making it a good choice for those looking for a lock that offers minimal limitations.

How much does Ultraloq cost?

The new model - Ultraloq u-bolt Pro starts at $199.99. However, the price may vary depending on the features you choose and the retailer you purchase from.

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Can you pick Ultraloq?

No, the Ultraloq u-bolt Pro is a pick resistant lock. This makes it a good choice for those looking for a smart lock that is difficult to break into. Additionally, the Ultraloq u-bolt Pro has 2-factor authentication which keeps your smartphone safe by alerting you of unapproved attempts at hacking it.

How do you lock a U-bolt?

To lock a U-bolt, simply press the locking button on the top of the unit. The LED light will turn green to indicate that the unit is locked. To unlock the U-bolt, press the unlocking button on the bottom of the unit. The LED light will turn red to indicate that the unit is unlocked.

Does Ultraloq require a subscription?

No, Ultraloq does not require a subscription. However, it does offer a variety of features that are available for purchase through the Ultraloq app. These features include 2-factor authentication, cloud storage, and more.

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How do I reset my U-bolt lock?

If you need to reset your U-bolt lock, simply press the reset button on the back of the unit. This will erase all stored data and settings, and return the lock to its factory default state.

How long does a Jetson bolt pro last?

The Jetson bolt Pro will last for up to 4 months on a single charge. Additionally, the lock features a low battery indicator which will notify you when the batteries need to be replaced.

What is the difference between Ultraloq and U-bolt?

Ultraloq is a smart lock that offers a variety of features, including 2-factor authentication, cloud storage, and more. U-bolt is a pick resistant lock that is difficult to break into. Additionally, the Ultraloq u-bolt Pro has 2-factor authentication which keeps your smartphone safe by alerting you of unapproved attempts at hacking it.

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What does the Ultraloq WiFi Bridge do?

The Ultraloq WiFi Bridge allows you to connect your Ultraloq lock to the internet, allowing you to control it remotely. Additionally, the WiFi Bridge allows you to receive notifications and alerts when someone attempts to access your lock status.

How do I connect my Ultraloq to WiFi?

To connect your Ultraloq to WiFi, simply follow the instructions in the Ultraloq Bluetooth app. Once you have entered your WiFi information, the lock will automatically connect to the internet.

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Addition to batteries

It's not just about the quality of battery life, but also how long you can use your device before charge. If aa batteries last twice as long than other brands then they're worth getting right? aa Battery Life: The longest running time on any single charge (2hrs) and 3 times total with charging time included; It means that these amazing little gadgets give us enough power for our whole workday without having to worry too much if we happen upon an emergency situation during office hours! A few more details here would be helpful because people might want different things from their portable electronics nowadays - like being able-to listen entirely too many songs at once while still getting through all necessary tasks successfully


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