The top electronic keypad door lock

The top electronic keypad door lock

It makes the keychain more annoying because the weighty key keeps coming back. A practical option is an electronic lock: This keyless lock opens using an entrycode on a touchscreen screen and uses a combination of traditional keys and integrated smart keys. The ability to add or delete more passwords can be considered smartlocks versatility, but using them does not require any type of connected device. We evaluated six electronic lock models and the Yale Safe Lock SL offers an excellent balance of safety features and overall look.

Flaws but not dealbreakers

The installation directions for Yale are easy to follow and contain all the necessary details, but we found the printing on just one large piece of paper very frustrating. In some cases folding and unfolding these enormous sheets for completing the programming section can become tedious. It would have been nice if the instruction booklet was accompanied by a cheat sheet for the program. The Schlage BT375 has a book of instructions. It is only one small complaint that does not negate everything we like about the Yale locks.

Second place

We recommend Schlage's BE365 Keypad Deadbolt. The lock only allows the user to use the deadbolt, and neither remove nor extend that deadbolt — just rotate the fingers manually. Schlage is our only lock tested at the security level 1, and uses traditional keyways which allow for opening doors in an emergency e.g. a battery death.

How we picked and tested

Our selection process started with narrowing the field to security standards and product reputations. When we saw the finalist first-hand, its easy to utilize proved an important factor in the final decision. Criteria: Security grade of two or more. ANSI security grade is one out of three possible. All of our locks have an ANSI security grade. Both are considered acceptable for residential usage and are labelled a Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association rating (BCMA), and is often cited a BMA rating.

Our picks

Of all lock models that are available, Yale's YRD255 Assure Lock SL is easy to program – customizable and beautiful in every respect. The model uses voice-activated prompt programming, eliminating the necessity for repeatability of instructions. It has a variety of volume and automatic locking modes, and the deadbolts movement is quieter and faster than in many other models. Without bulky keys this exterior portion of the lock is only about 1/8" thick. A nice metallic coating makes Yale the sleekest and more discreet test model available.

The competition

The Schlage B376 has been tested with an automatic thumb turning system with the Schlage B3. This is more streamlined mainly due to its lack of keyways. It is difficult to operate keypads as they can easily miss buttons, and in testing this led to the new code being written. It is also rated as security grade 2. It satisfies our needs but it is lower compared with the Schlag. The test was conducted with three Kwiksets: Obsidian Smart Code 913 and Smart Code 914.

Best keypad door locks of 2022

Our company earns money using the products listed on this page and participates in affiliate programs. Keypad-based door locks are increasingly popular at residences. The devices provide convenience as the keyless entry can no longer be retrieved from an external keyboard or the homeowner could allow friends and family access through programming temporary pass codes. The most reliable keyspad lock can improve security in the home. Some of them automatically lock up doors in case a person forgets to turn off the bolts.

How we selected the best keypad door locks

We evaluated several different keypad lock choices. Our team examined installing to assess the ease of a DIY installation of a lock. We also appreciated the ease of program (or erasure ) code as well as the variety of codes the lock supported. A smart keypad lock can be installed without IT support but we have looked into its compatibility with home automation platforms and smart devices.

Battery life

Most keys in a door lock are powered by a battery and can be replaced at any time. Battery life is largely determined by keypad lock or usage frequency. When shopping for a keypad door lock, think about where you will need to use them. Electronic locking devices usually last three to five years in one battery, but many can last less than a few months. While some features include automatic lock, this does put more load on the batteries. Despite the fact that some keypads feature simple setups that enable opening locks via codes, some have features that increase security.

Do keypad locks have batteries?

Many keys are powered by battery. The keypad lock turns the lock on its own and the Smart Keypad locks require a battery. Automatic lock systems, requiring manually turning the lock after entering the correct code, require hardly any power, but we don't recommend any of them.

How much does a keypad lock cost?

The costs associated with keypad locks differ significantly. Basic keypad locks are $50 and highend lock systems are $300. The prices vary because the smart deadbolts feature WiFi connectivity. Models in a middle range include keys and handles that sell for around $100.


Keypad locks can also be linked via Wi-Fi to a smart home network. Smart Keypads allow for centralized access to a locked door remotely and can be used to lock / unlock locks and password keys.

The 8 Best Keyless Entry Systems for Your Home

Find out how we work with our customers and get them the information you want. When we offer links, we earn compensation. Spruce / ChLOEE Jeong locks offer convenience and security. Installation of doors and deadbolts is generally relatively easy. Keyless locks are simple push-button keys and smart locks which let the user manage everything from their smartphone and offer versatile solutions to virtually every door.

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Electronic locks may be opened using keypads or touchscreens. There is no key, and the interface is limited to devices. They are not aimed at automating your entire life," Leimer explained. These are intended to make people “understand how important it would be if you could have an easy to read code without having keys on them or even if they just wanted a little extra security”. The locks normally can handle up to 20 codes allowing one for your family or dogwalker, another for a plumber working for you at home to get the keys in place. The code may be updated, deleted, or modified anytime.

Code locks for doors

The code lock on the front door is the perfect place to put it. This will grant access to automation and give you a greater control over you home

Electronic door locks

The lock offers key free entry and has a few features and benefits as well. First is the added security second is the voice commands through amazon alexa and finally is the smart home compatibility.

Auto lock feature

The auto locking feature that will make sure that when you leave the house you wont have the door unlocked. These smart features make remote access possible and turns your home into a smart home system

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