Lockly Model 7s & Lockly Secure Pro Review - Blog for All Locks

Lockly Model 7s & Lockly Secure Pro Review - Blog for All Locks

Currently, we seek to find various model names in order to provide an accurate review. We are launching our first new site on our site. This time we're introducing the Lockly Security Pro, Lockly’s security lock. It has been identified as similar to the Lockly Secure Plus model but the only differences are the Lockly SecureLINK Wi-Fi Smart Hub device which provides remote access for the Lockly Secure Pro model. The smart hub comes bundled with Lockly Secure Pro. All other functions remain unchanged.

Description of the product

Compatible with many door sizes. 1.39 ft. X. 2 In. The door can be easily positioned from the side and from the front. Installations with standard instruments take 10-15min to 15 min. High secure keypad: the world first patented peek proof keypad displays a constantly shifting set of four buttons. The number is different each time and your access code remains the same, but the number's location is different, which makes it almost unusable.

Other Features

COLOR Satin Nickel Venetian Bronze Matte Black. Comes with built-in Wi-Fi, a fingerprint scanner, voice control capabilities, a keypad, and support for more third-party integrations

Numbers are always the same with Lockly's patented PIN Genie® Technology.

Lockly Secure Plus - Advanced Smart Lock for Homes, Airbnb, Offices

Doors Type Dead Bolt Lock Colour. Satin Nickel Venetian bronze Matt Black. Available in Bolted and Locking versions.

Keypad Of Lockly Secure Prototype

The Keypad is equipped with a touchscreen with a special order of numbers we have no idea about. Whenever I touch a keypad, numbers change in position. This is an effective method of keeping your code hidden from anyone observing you while entering your code. Lockly Secure Pro activates the screen once someone touches it. The testing and observation have shown if you hold your hand for less than an hour, then you can get an alarming headache. Please see the numbers on the display. The Keypad has an access hole. The plan is to lock the doors if an accident or battery drain occurs.

Weather Conditions

I'd like to test the security system with Lockly. We left it in the sun for a good hour and it stopped functioning. It doesn't matter whether the light is bright or not, the screen will be completely shut down. I'd wait until 20mins to cool down so the system can start working. Locks Secure Pro can be used on most doors. Some users were on the internet and asked questions about rain and chilly days. No one complained. Like some other users, the group suggests buying quality batteries for freezing weather.

Auto Lock feature of Lockly Secure Pro

Intelligent locks have a very useful auto locking feature that is surprisingly convenient to operate. With Autolock there is no need to worry about locking the doors. When you have the door closed automatically, lock the door. The auto lock has been disabled and you need to activate the timer and select 5 seconds to 5 minutes. Once you have made the right selection and activated the feature, your doors will be automatically locked if you do so within a specified time interval. Then click on lock for Lockly Security.

Simple setup and solid performance

It can be easily installed and operated with Flex Touch. It is available for Android phones and smartphones with iOS or Android tablets. I have now the choice between following the steps of installing the product or proceeding to the screen Add Device. I chose both. I reinstalled my existing hardware and installed a latch assembly. I placed the exterior escutcheon into a door hole and plugged the data connection into its insertion plate using the supplied screws.

User codes and EKeys

The lockable security system provides user codes or keys for the keys. The code is entered on the keypad, but for Ekeys your guest also requires the Lockly app for their phones. Access Codes can be created remotely via the mobile app via the keyboard. Lockly says that online code generation is unique but isn't. Other smart locking devices are already in use. The EKey is created using Lockly's software. This Ekey is created online without connection to a computer and has a simple interface for the computer. The user must use the Ekey App.

Fingerprint Reader Of Lockly Secure Products

Fingerprint readers are the great features of Lockly Security Pro. It is also possible to record 999 fingerprint files. It's right on the smart key. Lockly Secure pro displays excellent performance regardless of weather conditions. It's been tested in rainy or warm weather and everything is working perfectly. Customers also tell us the product is good even in cold weather. It is the best fingerprint reader tested. It is very strong like other competitors Ultraloq U-Bolts Pro if not better than others. This smart lock won't disappoint its owners either.

Battery Life of Lockly Secure Products

Lockly Secure Pro uses 4 AA batteries - alkaline, which are delivered directly to you. Locksmith is an ambitious manufacturer of battery life. The Smart Locks offer a 10-month warranty on life if used ten times daily. We didn't believe it when we first noticed this life due to the number of locks reviewed to date. Batteries last up to 3 months. We did tests inside our homes to measure battery usage. We have then contacted Lockly Secure Pro's users via Twitter, asking for battery life.

Smart lock :(

Among the best smart locks, the Level Bolt and Level Touch are even more discreet, though neither has a fingerprint sensor. But the Lockly Flex is a good option for adding a fingerprint lock to your home without making it look like a smart lock. Smart lock features are much more advanced in order to unlock the door. They have a digital keypad to plug in that will unlock your door.

Connection Standards and Smart Home Controller Options of Lockly Secure Products

Securely Pro provides two different connection types. Wireless connection to the home and wireless connection outside the home from anywhere in the world. The same functionality is available if a wireless network is established. It is possible to send different commands via Google or Echo to your locks. Similarly, you may unlock, lock and even request the door locked. It is important to know your pin code for door lock operation. The assistant's two voices can communicate easily via the smart lock.

Amazon Alexa

Amazon's Alexa is one of the more common voice aids and many security manufacturers now pay close attention. It has an easy to install - the installation process. This model can easily be used with it and used for pairing. All the commands are functioning properly and the tests have confirmed this - You may already know it checks the status in my room, locks the door, and unlocks it. The security links are compatible with Echo Dot and you need to add locks to your app to control the security of your device Lockly Secure Pro. Let us talk to you about some little voice commands. You can do any command using it. and batteries included. The version is necessary for the best results.

Google Assistant

Google assistants also offer other ways to use Alexa. Lockly also integrates into Alexa voice assistant, finds every command, and responds to them with ease. Google Assistant voice commands are available in a voice search. The version is also necessary, and this must link wi fi hub to lock and unlock. Both Alexa and Google Home voice assistants are able to be asked to lock or unlock the door.

Wi fi

This feature is wi-fi required. And it is recommended that a strong connection is linked. For those of you who may plan on getting this for your place - please note.

Wi fi hub

In the wifi hub settings please turn on - the advanced connection. The process to link wifi hub back to an internet connection. Secure link with the voice assistants.

Lockly Application

The lockly application (available on Android or iOS) opens up a My Property page showing your lockly devices in their names. Tap lock to open the control screens. This round icon will be blue in an unlocked room or red in the room. Pressing the symbol will open the lock. The voltage indicator is on top of the page while local clocks are displayed below the lock icon. The controls, log, view, and settings buttons are located in the lower left-hand corner. Please press the Control button to return to the main screen.


You may also activate the wireless device with Bluetooth BLE, enabling the wireless lockout with encryption at 256 bits. Lockly® uses all Bluetooth technologies to ensure safe operation. The hub is not required.


Connect your guests to your home. Our Offline Access Codes feature lets you transmit access codes online or grant access to guests with no connection to the internet.


Lockly Secure Pro Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars I don't want to issue keys. Reviewed by Anonymous January 18, 2019 We bought it to help fund the airline we currently run. Love the fingerprint feature that keeps our keys safe, the automatic lock keeps our keys on hand and I walk right through the front door. A contractor can use temporary codes for longer durations that expire. We have confidence that we will be more efficient with our rental codes. Excellent purchase.

Lockly Flex Touch Fingerprint Deadbolt Review

Smart locking system lets users control their doors with just the touch of their fingers. Lockly Flex Touch Fingerprint Deathbolt ($169) also lets you use a finger. The sleek, Bluetooth-enabled deadbolt can store 99 fingerprints. The lock can easily be installed with the included Wi-Fi hub ($69.99) and worked reliably in our tests.

Bluetooth Only Without a Hub

This is the full Deadbolt system that replaces your existing system hardware. There is one inside escutcheon and one outside. The kit also has a mounting plate. This product is designed for doors with a 1-3/8-inch thick opening with standard diameter 1-3/8" diameter holes. Four AAAs charge your key but you need them. The round exterior scutch is 3.8 inches in width.

Similar Products

Flex touch only houses Bluetooth radios, so a smartphone must remain within Bluetooth range for lock control. Remote access can be obtained through Link WiFi Hubs. Besides Alexa and Google Assistant voice control, it allows integration with several other smart homes by implementing these services. Unlike hubs, the lock does not work with iOS/IFTTT. The fingerprint can also be recorded by creating an "e-Badger" which allows access to the locks. An eBadge is a unique password that you give to a person to gain permanent access and/ or a specified period.

Warranty & Support

You can ask the manufacturers for their warranty information on Amazon by visiting their site for more details and to ask them for more. Warranty from manufacturers is not guaranteed by the manufacturer. Please read the warranties carefully and call the manufacturers with any questions.

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