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Kwikset Smart Locks Review

Kwikset Smart Locks Review

We spent some time reviewing Kwilkitt Smart locks to determine how they fit the Kwilkitt landscape. The company also improved features like smart key reset keys for some models and securityscreen keyboard keys for other model lines. We also love the smart locks design.

How we reviewed Kwikset smart locks

In recent times, our testers tested various kikset smart lock devices such as Kevo Obsidian Premis and SmartCode 936, ensuring the effectiveness. But we are no longer satisfied by our previous experience, so we tested the upcoming Kwikset Halo Touch. We evaluated Halo Touch's security features, how complex its installation is and why it's important for us after several days of use. We used our experience of these locks in order to rank the locks according to overall performance.

What to expect with Kwikset smart locks?

Although the keypad is customizable in multiple ways, the features of each model remain consistent. Let's look at some differences so you know what's the most appropriate model.

Kwikset Halo: Best overall

The KwiKset Halo is a wireless smart lock controlled via smartphone, with no need for an iOS app. This makes Halo the only Kwikset locks series that provides remote access without additional purchases. It was a pleasure to create a maximum of 250 codes based upon the user requirements you selected. Halo is arguably Kikset's greatest feature and is its only lock compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. These assistants can unlock your phone without touching the phone. It's stylishly designed. Obviously, the smart lock has its downsides.

Kwikset Halo Touch: Best fingerprint lock

Kwikset Halo Touch offers the latest smart lock concept and the first to use fingerprint sensors for fast unlockability. In all our tests of these locks we found that fingerprints were very easy to locate and lightning-fast compared to keypads. It's nice to have up to 50 users and it has up to 100 identifying fingerprints. Like Kwikset Halo's original smart key it uses a network that communicates via Bluetooth to a smartphone. These features also have advantages and drawbacks, as do the Alexa and Google Assistants.

Best for smart hubs

The Kwikset SmartCode could easily surpass the Halon as the best Kwikset choice with smart hubs. It has much shorter battery life than a Wi-Fi-powered Halo lock. The keyboard has uniform flat keys rather than bevled sides on halo which makes it more elegant. The problem with the Locks' full potential is they must be sold by another smart hub, which will bring their value to Halo. But while most smart hubs offer you customization for PINs it is difficult to predict whether these hubs permit scheduling users.

Kwikset Aura: Best value

Kwikset Aura combines a Bluetooth connection with your mobile device for about half the price. This product has virtually all of these same features. It has the rubber keypad rather than the touch screen and looks great on doors. Unfortunately Bluetooth's ranges are less wide (around 100 feet) and it is no longer connected to the internet. Aura is not compatible with smartphones or tablets. It is surprisingly useful to people because it is still easy to generate visitor code or schedule it when you want.

Kwikset Obsidian: Best keyless lock

The Kwikset Obsidian is our cheapest smart lock available. These small touchscreens are simple and they look fantastic. It can't go on without a keyhole. As far as internal tech goes, the Obsidian is more than twice as efficient as the SmartCode 917. It can be ordered on ZWAVE and Zigbee models (though Zigbee is more expensive today). We know you want to lose your home when your battery goes dead but you can easily fix the situation.

Differences between Kwikset's smart locks

Because the KWikset locks have many similar functions, the biggest differences are in the wireless technologies and design aesthetics. This is the basic explanation of this lock.

Finish selection

Depending on which locking device you choose, the finish will depend on the aesthetic. Except for Satin Nickel and Venetian Bronze that are offered by Kwikset locks, there may differ on the locks:

Features and Benefits

The auto lock feature is a great feature that you may or may not want. You can also choose to have the device emit an audible sound when locking. The benefit to this is that you no longer have to wonder if the door is locked when you leave. You can also use your voice to lock the door with certain models which is a great feature if your hands are full.

Some models allow for easy installation while others require more work. If you are not comfortable with home improvement projects, then you may want to choose a model that is easier to install.

Some models come with a keypad while others do not. If you want the convenience of a keypad, then you will want to make sure that the model you choose has one.

Some models allow you to use your smartphone to unlock the door while others do not. This is a great feature if you want to be able to let someone into your home when you are not there.

Some models come with a deadbolt while others do not. If you want the added security of a deadbolt, then you will want to make sure that the model you choose has one.

There are many different features that are available on Kwikset smart locks. You will want to decide which features are important to you and then choose the model that has those features.

Tell me the type of ring compatible smart lock ?

Ring utilizes Zwave Wireless for connection with other devices. It's important that your smart lock uses an RF alarm base station using Zwave technology. The locks below are also available for Yale - Kikset, Schlager ZWave and other Yale-based lock models. We have researched the best smart locks the market can offer and by our testing the top 5 smart locks work on Ring and ZWave. Ring apps and ZWave smart locks provide access to user history for locking pins.

Ring Video Doorbells and Ring Alarm Home Security

Ring alarm system is renowned for its safety features, through products including Ring video doorbells, security camera systems and whole house alarm systems. Their surveillance systems offer professional surveillance and the monitoring can take place immediately. Ring combines several exceptional functions within a broad product range. Many people watch YouTube videos where they speak with their neighbours using video doorbells using a Ring app. It lets users monitor various smart devices connected by them such as a smart lock. There is usually no security feature such as this on products.


If you're not familiar with Ring, it's a home security company that Amazon owns. One of the company's most popular products is the Ring Alarm, which is a do-it-yourself home security system. The system includes a base station, contact sensors, motion detectors, and keypads. It's simple to set up and use, and it's very affordable. One of the great things about the Ring Alarm is that it's compatible with a lot of different smart home devices. For example, you can connect it to your Amazon Echo so you can arm and disarm the system using your voice. You can also connect it to the Ring Video Doorbell so you can see who's at your door when the alarm is armed. The Ring Alarm is a great home security system, but it does have some limitations. First, the system is only compatible with the Ring app. So if you're not using a Ring device, you won't be able to use the system. Second, the Ring Alarm doesn't have its own keypad. You'll need to use the Ring app on your smartphone to arm and disarm the system. And finally, the Ring Alarm is only available in the US.

Why should smart locks work with rings?

When a lock on your door locks the door and you'll leave your house longer and see what is on the clock. Ring smart locks help protect your house. Most crucially, you connect to the Ring App to keep you updated on what happens. The alarm will alert you to a notification on your phone if an alarm arrives. The alarm is connected via an alarm camera or doorbell and connected through a Ring app on your smartphone or tablet.

Smart locks that work with rings | Smart Locks Home

Ring door lock transforms more important parts of our homes to make them more elegant. Not just household appliances are the major drivers behind the shift to digitalization. This does enhance our home security and gives us more comfort. It is outdated for people to carry a key on their way back home. The digitalization of ring door locks allows users to open doors remotely without the need of looking for a key.

Potential concerns

The keyless models may look nice and sleek, although the motor can get jammed which could get your car trapped. Keyholes are a good hedge for ensuring that your door locks remain locked even if the lock is not available. Jams are usually caused by pressure on the door or misalignment. The reversal should be smooth but a couple of reports of a motor jamming the Assure may be a problem for them. Another thing is the battery seems to be a little limited. The keys lock the door by touching the keyboard.


Some people are concerned about the possibility of losing their keys and being unable to enter their home. If you have a backup key, this will not be an issue. Otherwise, you can contact customer service for assistance. There have also been reports of the app crashing or not working properly. This can be frustrating if you're trying to use the app to arm or disarm the system. Finally, some people have complained about false alarms. This can be a problem if you have pets or live in a close-knit community.

These are just a few of the potential concerns you may want to consider before purchasing the Ring doorbell. Overall, the system is a great option for those looking for


This mainly affects the purchase of locks that have similar keys. You should look in the packaging to determine if the keys match. If the key has a Default Lock Key, use the smart keys feature or bring it in for an expert locksmith. Kensington locks with no smart key are more easy for the picker than locks without them. It'll only be useful when the locks are locked using the key, and it's less dangerous if the burglars are not using it. Kwikset Smart Key locks include a tool that slids through the holes at the keyhole. This opens the pin and makes the pins free from interference.

Final word

Kwikset makes lock products for nearly 75 years which is the most popular brand. Kwikset's locks are also remarkably affordable compared to smart locks from rivals Schlage August and Yale. But smart locks do not catch lightning like they do from other brands. It's a good alternative if you want a safe and reliable keypad that locks the keys. Kwikset Halo: Choose this Wi-Fi smart lock for your smart homes. Kwikset Aura : Select this bluetooth lock for cheap and easy programability. With a phone with a wireless connection.


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