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Eufy Smart Lock Review

Eufy Smart Lock Review

The 5 ways of unlocking eufi touch has impressed us when researching. Eufy Smart Lock Touch is one of Switzerland’s most advanced door lock systems based upon the smart lock technology. There are several methods for unlocking a locked door. Eufy Smart Locks Touch is even better and is cheaper than rivals that have similar security systems and hardware. Disappointingly, the electronic doors lock is causing some trouble in most homes. Pros Fingerprint scanner durability. American Standard Institute accreditation.

Eufy smart lock touchscreen keypad Eufy Security Smart Lock Touch Fingerprint Keyless Entry Door Lock Bluetooth Electronic Deadbolt Touchscreen Keypad IP65 Weatherproofing Compatible with Wi-Fi Bridge (Sold Separately) : Everything else

Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi Review

The Eufy smart lock touch with wireless bridge features attractive design, easy installation, and integrated fingerprint reader. It impressed us in a review earlier this year and also criticized its lack of support from other companies as well as the integrated WiFi. It costs $59.99 more to buy a similar Smart Lock with built-in Wi-fi. The product works well, but does not have third-party support, similar to the similar price editors award-winning August WiFi smart lock (229.90).

Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi review: Price & Availability

The Eufy smart locks, touchpad and wireless locks are available today for $219.99 (Open New Tab). Its available colors are nickel-plated and black. Eufy offers the Eufy Smartlock Touch for $169, but this version requires the purchase of a wireless link if you wish to control this remotely. The Eufy Smart Lock, Touch & WiFi isn't just an easy gadget; It has two big pieces which fit both sides of the doors. The outer parts contain a fingerprint reader, keypad and locking cylinder that is approximately six inches x 6.5 inches long, 2.5x2 inch, and is 1 x 2 inches thick. It has an additional ten-inch diameter which contains an electric motor and manual latch mechanism.

Eufy Touch doesn't work for all doors (maybe)

When we learned that Eufy Touch does not work with lever handles we were almost in tears in shock. Smart locks have a lot of value. Its lack of ability to operate across doors was really disappointing. How are the levers of the door used? We're not sure. Even after long conversations with Eufy, it remains unknown. A representative appeared unsure. The locking system might be responsible. We don't think that the lever changes the mechanism of locking doors. Some customers say the knobs open doors easily. This is a test for us, we'll update it if we learn anything.

Lock Your Settings

The lock uses the same security software for iOS and Android as the Eufy device. It can appear as a panel in the Device panel. Clicking on the lock icon brings you to a large circle where a lock icon is displayed with a Status (locked or unlocked). To unlock or lock the door, just tap the symbol. On the lower right is a lock event and control access button. Use the button "Lock Events" to see instances where the lock is reopening. This information can be accessed by clicking the event button in the device's display.

A familiar design and features

Compared to Eufy Smart Lock Touch & Wi-Fi, it appears similar. It does not need a Wi-Fi bridge as Wi-Fi is installed inside of the lock. Apart from the lock itself, the Eufy also contains the escutcheon's inside and outside assembly, a deadbolt assembly and striking key and a variety of mounting accessories. It's delivered as box numbers, which coincide with the instructions provided in the written installation guides. The exterior of a zinc alloy lock consists of an IP65 weatherproof rated 6.0 by 3.8 inches.

Similar Products

The Eufy Wireless Keyboard Lock is compatible with Google Assistant, Alexa or Apple Home Kit, but lacks support for IFTTT applets as the August wireless key. It's possible for you to configure your Eufy lock with devices in your Alexa or Google ecosystem, like cameras and motion sensors and other Eufy devices include Eufy Video Doorbells and.

Simple installation, smooth operation

The installation of the touchscreen & WiFi lock is easily accompanied by the clearly written instructions provided by Eufy on video. To use the instructions in these videos you have to use this website. Then a deadbolt assembly and strike plates were installed. I plugged escutcheons and data cables into the borehole in the door, fitted the headpiece into the deadbolt slot and attached it by putting the mounting plate inside. I connected it to the internal escutcheon before attaching the interior escutcheon.

Eufy Smart Lock Touch & WiFi review: Installation

Smart locks have a similar setup procedure that is largely manual and has a simple, step-by-step guide for installation. The key must first be made sure it fits your door properly. The system will replace the typical deadbolting lock on doors that is 1 3/8 - 2 1/2 inches thick and 2 3/8 - inches thick. The system works on the majority doors and replaces an ignition latch, but it doesn't support locking mechanisms with lever handles. After removing your old lock, place a deadbolt on the door.

Eufy Touch keys are hard to copy

Easy to touch keys. Most keys have grooves in the front and keys in the smart lock have notchs at either side. So the files aren't able to be copied from a hardware store. Eufy says you must contact the locksmith for copies. Although the Eufy Touch has five keys, it seems like you lose the ones you need – this is an unnecessary hoop. The lack of the capacity of potential thieves for copy-editing is in fact an acceptable option.

Eufy's app is less than perfect

Over the years, the company has tested many products like home security cameras, ensuring familiarity with the software used on their devices based on the app. The Eufy Security app has gotten good reviews on the Google App Store, but one writer has even tried to throw his smartphone in the dark to avoid glitchy features. This would be bad news for those wanting to have easy remote access.

How we reviewed Eufy Smart Lock Touch

We're proud to share a decade in smart locks experience with Eufy. Our researchers talked to Eufy representatives through the website review process, read experts’ opinions on this product and compare it in terms of smart locks with similar products. Please visit our Methodological pages for details on how we evaluate our product or service.


The big, bulky lock mechanism looks unnaturally obstructing doors The usual physical key type is difficult when compared to others no replaceable locks and cylinders. Eufy Smart locks Touch & WiFi Specifications Size: 6 x 2 x 0.23 inches. It lets you open your door from your phone or smartphone using a keycode.

Tom's Guide. Verdict

Eufy Smart Lock Touch is an easy to install lock with fingerprints, Keypads, Apps, a smart home control system. It's big, but has an industrial feel.

Eufy Smart Lock Touch FAQ

Eufy's smart keypad was re-used by a more advanced Smart Lock Touch. In a lot of ways! You can unlock it using the lock button in the app or the keypad, tapping or using Alexa or Google's voice command. I don't know. Eufi said it is impossible rekeying. The printing procedure is simple.

Eufy Smart Lock Touch vs. other smart locks

Smart lock prices* physical keys option Smart house compatibilities Find the best August Wi-Fi Yes Schlage encoded yes Wwze lock Yes dreaded yes kwd. Read the entire statement of information. Google is a trademark of Google Inc.

Final word

Eufy Smart locks are good. This affordable locking mechanism feels luxurious. We lost votes on doors compatibility. We haven't been impressed with this application and we recommend you use the Touch Lock.


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